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(Shulah ☮ Dahou)
22 / Female / Forever Alone
Sanctuary - France
         ☮Adventure | Explore | Exfoliate | Chillback
     ✦✧✦✧ 8 Billion galactic years old and still going strong ✦✧✦✧

You add You talk | Come with Ideas✎ Goody, this old dance again huh? ...Okay! I'll do it once more, just for you♡ Are you ready? ... Curtains let's go!

Hoii there, I'm Shulah how might you be? I'm not new here on i'm quite ancient actually~ I also mostly hang out over on Discord, Kik, & Chathour for fun when i'm not playing video games or smoking tons of pot. My writing experience is great but my motivation is usually stuck down my socks ~

I'm creative, Weird, Depressed but Happy probably a bit of a Bipolar & Psychotic Nihilistic Idiot so please be kind to an ancient fool won't you? ✚ That'd be Pogg! With that said Thank you ahead for reading. You made an old Dahou very happy inside~ Anyhow if you wanna know more, just ask.
☮ If I don't respond i'm probably watching anime memes.

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