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24 / Male / Broken Hearted
United States
Hello, yes the username is odd but I find it rather hilarious.

I'm not new to this website, so I know the general rules and manners one should follow on here. I'll be brief in my own guidelines below, but do give them a look.

1) You sent the friend request, you message me first. Not that hard to do, and the same is expected of me if I send you a friend request.

2) I do actually have a life. I have work, college, and my own hobbies that have either priority or that I prefer to do over rping. Do be patient with me.

3) I like to discuss an rp idea before jumping straight into it. It allows us both to know what is expected, as well figure out what is allowed and what isn't.

4) No minors. Was one when I first started using this site, I know what it's like, and I prefer not to be involved in that awful mess.

5) I will block if you're being creepy, rude, or hostile towards me.

6) Ask beforehand if you want to do anything 18+, I like to have a warning when it comes to gore and any other adult themes.

7) I would prefer no constant one liners. They tend to contribute very little to the plot and drag it out far more than necessary.

8) Hate to do this, but as I have been rather ignored in the past despite trying to reach out to people without being too "needy" or harassing them, I'm creating a three strike rule. It's fine if you warn me beforehand, make a status post, or literally haven't been online since such and such date, it will not be affected by this rule. However, if you are active and it's been a month since I've heard from you, I will send another message. First week of no response after that is when the strikes start. I feel that this is the most fair compare to other people, while also keeping my own friend list from being clogged by people who clearly aren't interested in talking to me at least.

Other than that, please be kind and I hope we can come up with something fun together!

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