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Asami Tachibana

Name: Asami Tachibana
Age: 16-19 (Based on RP)
Species: Human
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110 lbs
Sexuality: Bisexual
S/D: Submissive
Hair color and style: Black, Long, Straight
Eye color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Fair
Character’s body build: Petite
Occupation: Student/Bakery Worker
Identifying marks:N/A
Facial features: Picture
Scent: Sweet
Mannerisms or gestures: Polite, and well mannered.

Physical Health: 7/10
Mental Health: 8/10
Addictions: Sweets

Positive Traits: Kind, dependable, Observant, Intelligent, Has a good sense of humor, A goofball, likes to make people laugh, a romantic.
Negative Traits: Shy, insecure at times, Overthinks, Can be a little hot tempered when pushed.
Likes: Sweets, Boba Tea, Spicy Food, Cute Animals, Making her friends laugh, boys, girls.
Dislikes: Insects of any kind, Snakes, Bullies, Sour Tastes, When someone is upset, it makes her panic, Her father, being alone, and the dark.

Backstory: Asami was born into a pretty normal traditional home. She was about nine when her dad picked his secretary at work over her and her mother. Overnight, Asami and her mother went from living in a two story home in the nicer part of town, to an apartment in the heart of the city. Asami's mother worked two jobs to get them into a decent enough house, a couple of years later, and continued to work to support them. Asami picked up a part time job when she was old enough to take some of the pressure off of her mother. Asami resents her father for making their life difficult and insists that her father died instead of informing anyone of his betrayal. Asami is a loyal friend, the funny one in the group and really likes making her friends laugh.
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Character Sheet

Hair color and style:
Eye color:
Character’s body build:
Identifying marks:
Facial features:
Mannerisms or gestures:
Physical Health:
Mental Health:

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:

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Da Rules~

Please always respect my characters. I will always respect yours and the choices you make with them, therefore I expect the same amount of respect back for mine.

No One-Liners, I won't even entertain them with a response. I prefer more detail. Give me something to work with~ A good paragraph at minimum is all I need, and I don't think it's that much to ask.

Do not control my characters.They are my characters to do so with what I please.This means don't control what my characters think, see, feel, see, or do. I can handle that all by myself. Please also don't auto-hit or kill my characters off without permission.

Under no circumstances will I allow hateful content such as racist, sexist or homophobia around my character or around me as a writer either. I will never be judgemental or rude to anyone including those with different beliefs to mine.

Please don't come to me in character. I become genuinely confused and I don't know how to respond. So if you don't want to send a request and message, and never get a reply. Just tell me you're interested in setting something up and we can probably get a plot going no problem.

I allow NSF*W content in my roleplays. However, there needs to be a significant amount of build up. I'm not here for anyone's sexual gratification. So if it goes with the plot, I would like it included. lots of it is fine, but I refuse to write for a plot that is completely sm*t driven. I'd get bored.

Please always message and explain if you feel like at any time I have overstepped my boundaries instead of just ghosting me. I have no problem rewriting a post or two if it doesn't work well with you.

There will be times I feel I need to take a step back from this site for a couple days at a time to work on school work and other responsibilities. I will return and get replies out just as soon as I get back. If you feel like I've missed you or it's been several days without a reply from me, message me and remind me.

Please don't ask for my personal information. I'm here to roleplay, and that's all.

Due to my lack of luck with the site, I do not use discord and will not be entertaining anyone by re-downloading it and using it just for one person.

Well, if you made it this far. We should write something together~
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