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(Billy Hargrove)
18 / Male / Its Complicated
Hawkins, Indiana - United States
Not new. I was here previously, also as Billy Hargrove. Long story short, a lot happened, I vanished into the void for a while, and I can't access the old account. And so, I'm back. Let's see if it goes better this time.


You add, you talk first. Common courtesy, that's all.

18 and up, strictly. I write semi-para and up. Grammar and punctuation are required; I'm not going to be a jerk about it, mind you, just do your best.

Story > sm*t. If I am going to write sm*t, I only write for MxM pairs. No, I won't budge on this. Female characters not trying to get romance or sm*t scenes are perfectly welcome, however.

I like Billy/Steve above all else. Next in line is Billy/Eddie. Even some Billy/Billy if you're feeling freaky. Ask about other canons. OCs are very case by case.

Lastly, I'd like to focus more on monster!Billy. Like, he still died at the mall, but it wasn't the end for him. Oh, no. The Upside Down has changed him, turned him into something very much akin to a vampire. Depending on the scenario, Billy can still be trapped in the Upside Down or back roaming Hawkins proper.

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Q. “Billyyyyy, would you make out with me in the back of a diner?”
A. ...Do I look gay?
 Nov 19th 2023 16:38

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