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Sharyngan's Blog

Like before

WuXin, after giving them days and proper time to rest of course, decides it is time for them to restart studying. It is less chaotic than he expected from Sharyn who obeys right away and starts to work diligently.
It shocks WuXin. It is not like he can't see all the changes in the children, but he decides to wait a little longer before to start worrying.

It is evening and he finished with the entire schelude WuXin prepared for him, much early than expected. He even finished before TianQi.
He is free but is clueless what to do. He just wanders like a lost soul for now.
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Real Family

- caused the death of his mother
- family behind got to hate him and gave him the worst treatment family orphanage
- considered a demon

- family of his mother attempted to kill him
- family of his father got him cursed < his ocular power considered a punishment from the gods, misunderstood and bad >
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Gather up.

They have a few days to rest but both Sharyn and TianQi can't stop worrying about what others might have told their families. They don't want their own to know and to make it possible, they have to decide what to exactly tell them about the whole matter.
TianQi sends a magic mail to everyone who was with them and invites them in the House of Butterfly.
She and Sharyn are already there, sat by one of the tables in the library. He is slowly eating cookies while drawing, he plans to gain back his weight fast and to get a tattoo to cover his scars.
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Thugs life.

The period in the Unseelie Court was tough for everyone. They have all tried to survive together but to do it, they had to do as Unseelie wanted.

They noticed they could use the children for their special powers and so they did, careless about the consequences for them.
Sharyn had to work for them. Kill for them, using the Sharyngans, and they didn't let him stop even after he got completely blind by the use. Luckily he could still use his power, regardless he couldn't see.

His burden grew bigger and bigger, as his hate for Unseelie, especially their king. He barely wanted to continue to live, he couldn't stop thinking about the others and his fear they could get killed because of his mistake though.
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He is sat on the sand to look at the others playing in the water. He is very tempted but looses his will whenever he looks at the water.
He just appreciates the warmth of the sun, starting to relax, he even unbuttons his shirt and raises his sleeves.
Peace lasts until the sudden appearance of the two Avatars. Virtues and Love. Han and Seo.

He jumps up, looking at the two threatening people. Love comes forward. "Bring us Yung Sao." They also move their gaze on Peachii and Coco, considering them the best hostages to keep WuXin and TiHao on their leash.
Sharyn frowns, not moving from there. "Go away."
Seo chuckles and tries to look at Sharyn in eyes to put him off combat with his power. "Go to call Yung Sao, I said."
Surprise surprise, it doesn't affect Sharyn. "Go away, I said."
They start to get annoyed and they attack them, only trying to leave out Coco and Peach since they need them alive.
Sharyn has good skills but the one in front of him is still an Avatar. Seo manages to knock him down and block him. "What do you think you can do? It would have been better if you obeyed. Now you are going to die like all the others. Your parents were there, brat? If you had anyone in the place you call Shiinden, it is no more." He has a teasing and annoying voice.
Knowing they could have killed WuXin and others saddens him but at the same time makes his blood boil. Sharyngan triggered. He pushes Seo away through an illusion and stands up, not exactly being on good shape. He pants and looks a mess. "If you dared to touch them, I..." He clenches his fist hard.
Seo gets pushed back but looks amused. "What an interesting power you have. I have never met anyone immune to my mesmerizing eyes. It'll be a greater pleasure to end you."

Their fight proceeds but Seo starts to have serious issues. Sharyn's illusions are strong, he finds it hard to understand what is real and what not.
Suddenly he manages to catch Sharyn and blocks him again, now very angry. "Little insect! Do you think you can defeat me?! Look carefully." Out of himself, Seo decides to forget the plan and kill them all. He wants Sharyn to watch while he kills Coco and Peach.
He sends a powerful attack against Coco that she doesn't manage to avoid. And it angers Sharyn so badly. All his feelings together trigger the Hypnotic Sharyngan.
He stares at Seo, at some distance. Suddenly he appears very close before him, grabbing him by shoulders and looking at him straight in the eyes. In a matter of seconds for them, Seo falls down in a really poor state but still alive. Sharyn, still triggered, begins to punch him while he is downed. He doesn't stop even when the Avatar looks obviously dead. Lots of blood and anger.

He pants at the end, slowly moving his gaze on Coco and Peachii. Hypnotic Sharyngan is still there but it soon starts to fade.
Coco is actually alive. The hit didn't have the wanted effect due to her element. It hurt her but didn't kill.
Sharyn approaches her to make sure she is fine but suddenly his eyes start to bleed. His blood is light pink. It is not only blood, he starts to feel a lot of pain too and he covers his eyes while groaning and trying not to scream.
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