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(Michael Griggs)
20 / Male / Single
Maryland - United States
(If you read all this, thank you. Long winded but I wanted to cover everything I could.)

"Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction is far more interesting'

I am NOT good with these introduction type things, but I understand leaving this blank could bite me in the ass in terms of getting people to want to add me, so, I'll give it my best shot.

I've been writing creatively since freshman year of high school, and getting into roleplaying sites was just sort of a natural byproduct of that, and I kind of got hooked from there.

I'm big on details in my stories, I've found that when I try to force myself to NOT write like that, I drive myself up a wall creatively and end up bored with the rp, and thats caused some friction with my partners before. I want to make it clear though thats more of a 'me' thing. I know not everyone is going to want to write a big response, and realistically can't sometimes due to time constraints, whatever. So, all I can really ask is that you work with me to a point where I have material to work with on my replies. Do that, and show that you actually are interested and you won't ever hear a word of complaint from me.

If romances are something you like, I'm your guy. Often my romances tend to get entangled with some rough spots, angst whatever you want to call it, but nothing extreme. I do this because love at first sight tropes are so overdone I can't even stand seeing it anymore. Real romances take effort and getting close to people, and I apply that in all my rps

I specialize in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I can do mostly anything with the exception of furry.

My response times can vary. I attend classes a couple times a week and I work at a job as well. Now normally I can reply at work, but im a tad slower, but classes I can't reply at all. Please be paitent with me and don't assume I've left you behind because frankly I don't ever intend for that to happen. If it gets past 3 days and I havent gotten to you, feel free to poke me with a reminder. If its something personal like a family issue I'll post a site-wide reply to anyone that follows me to ensure you know ahead of time.

I think that about covers it all....looking forward to seeing how this goes.

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