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34 / Other / Single and Looking
Not new, just took a long break.

I won't be living on this site. Schedules vary a lot. Sometimes I have more time and interests, sometimes less. I'm only a human, after all.

LGBTQ+ safe zone. Everyone but rude people are welcome. This is an escape route from reality for many, respect that.

I'm looking for semi-long term roleplays, apparently I can't focus on one more than a month, sometimes only a week. Depends how good flow and working plot there is. No one liners. I can accidentally write novella replies sometimes but I prefer para.

Don't start right away with a roleplay, we must discuss of the plot and comfortzones and common interests firsts.

I do mainly M x M pairings. Can play with Dom, switch and sub characters. Dark themes, no happy ever after slices of life. If you have a fantasy of a perfect boyfriend cuddling with you keep it for yourself. My characters, worlds and plots are more complicated than that.

No. Minors. Don't waste your time.

I have amnesia. Not alzheimer, this one comes and goes. Sometimes I'm online but mentally not available. I've been lucky enough to get a friend from this site and yes, even adults can cry. So if I don't reply even though I'm online for hours I may be bawling my eyes out to my friend over simple stuff, like what the heck is my name. However, you're welcome to poke me and ask if I have forgot to reply. Maybe I indeed have forgotten. And sometimes the messages don't get through. That's why poking is a good idea. Just be nice about it.

Take care, stay safe.


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