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26 / Male / In a Relationship
Indiana - United States
The immediate thing you need to know before adding me is that i create my own characters. I shall not play an already made up character.

Now that is out of the way, greetings one and all, i am the one and only Shade. *bows* It is a pleasure to meet you all. if you add me, i only wish to talk or role-play. So please, do not be so afraid. Join my realm of role-playing, you will not be disappointed. (i do disappear from time to time due to college and life. please do not leave as i will get back on when i can)

Latest Comments

I hear it is your birthday! Happy Birthday hun. I hope it was a good one for you.
Feb 11th 2015 19:37

I do not wish to be a burden, for I simply acknowledge those and find whom would like to.
Feb 7th 2015 00:11

I thank you for accepting. I do hope to roleplay/chat sometime soon.
Feb 7th 2015 00:08

Not a problem hun ^_^
Jan 11th 2015 23:42

Thank you very much for adding me. I look forward to chatting with you and possibly starting up an rp sometime. Please check my rules and be warned that I am an MCRP so if you would like to discuss and rp please pick a character from my albums. If you have any questions about my character please feel free to message, or comment, me any questions
Jan 11th 2015 23:29