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(Kisuke Urahara)
21 / Male / Single and Looking
Florida - United States
Can't believe I have to put this but this is a Bleach account LOL, but I'm willing to do other anime's I will make a blog on the anime's I have seen, oh and warning if you're under 18 no romance.

Me? I'm no Soul Reaper, I'm just a sexy Candy Shop owner. My my? How may I help you? My name is Kisuke Urahara come on in I'll help you anyway I can.

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Miss roleplaying but hate doing it on my phone due to keyboard being small and big fingers.
0  Feb 18th 2019 08:01

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So you're okay with training Ichigo?
Feb 12th 2019 10:06

Have you ever thought about going back to the soul society?
Feb 12th 2019 09:59