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(Blake Moreira)
31 / Male / Single
Mystic Falls, Virginia - United States
Blake Moreira
10 Years of experience
Multi paraNovella
18+ only


~ This is one of my favorite and cherished characters to play and he won't be hurt, I won't allow it. ~


* I'm here to meet new people, create amazing stories, and make good connections. *

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~ I didn't sleep very well last night so I am a bit tired, so I will be around in comments, as for the replies I owe maybe later I'll try to get some of them done. My inbox is open for you. Don't be shy, text me... ~

Wild hair... :3

#BlakeMoreira7 #SexyBlake7
2  May 27th 2024 11:29

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Heyoo, how are you hun?
Jun 5th 2024 16:24

Thank you! Your handsome yourself <3
May 26th 2024 20:35

Hi you. : )
May 26th 2024 18:30

I love yout hair
May 26th 2024 12:44

Hi there :)
May 24th 2024 20:10

“You are such a sweetheart. Thank you for saying so”
May 24th 2024 19:36