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(Aries Blackstone)
35 / Male / In a Relationship
Incest town, Texas - United States
Hey all I'm Aries Blackstone, I bid you welcome to my page I'm 21years old I'm alone with no Siblings or parents I was left to fend for myself as a child simply for the fact that my mother caught me with my hand in her panties and did not like the idea of me touching her down there ..I am human I have no Super powers nore am I a Hybrid I only ask that you not bring anything up about my past I do not wish to remember being left behind for simple incest well here are some Rules you must obey if you wish for our Association to go well

1. Be respectful of me and the Admin
2. Do not assume that if I don't answer that I'm ignoring you
3. There will be times I will be answering other replies but I will get to you ASAP.
4.Ask me for my Discord
5.don't be a Drama Queen/king about anything I write or say
6.have Fun

Latest Status

I have the urge to slap my 2 sisters on the booty

I play with the booty not the heart ;)
Mood: aroused
1  Jan 15th 2020 14:30

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Hey, are you enjoying yourself back there?
8 hours ago

Very soon I hope~ ;)
Jan 15th 2020 02:58

You’re so welcome and I hope so too!
Jan 15th 2020 02:38