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United Kingdom
(The admin is a male but roleplays female)

All rps are in character and the actions in rps do not reflect how the admin feels

The Seven Deadly Sins long thought to be vices but what people dont know is that they are in fact living beings and here is where you will find them.

Good luck... you will need it

If you have read this then say "i have sinned" in the message

@_Spider-Woman_ my lonest loveing and careing friend and im lucky to have her as my friend

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Im sorry if i hurt anyone .... or if i upset anyone
Mood: guilty
2  Oct 26th 2020 01:12

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Love you too!
Sep 5th 2020 10:27

Hey! Wanna RP?
Jun 15th 2020 22:09

aw, thank you! you're a fun to rp with :)
May 31st 2020 20:43

Hi! :)
May 6th 2020 14:03

I'm Cat!
May 6th 2020 13:59

Dec 8th 2019 04:38