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(The Beast Slayer Seth Rollins)
34 / Male / Single
Davenport, Iowa - United States
The Beast Slayer -- The King Slayer, -- The Architect

I love a good WWE roleplay and have found that girls are WAY better roleplayers than boys, so girls if you want to get a good WWE, TNA, AEW or any Wrestling Rp going, shoot me a message!

Latest Comments

hey Sethy what have u been up2 ?
Jun 18th 2017 06:39

hey seth sup out there, wanna rp on here somwhere?
Jan 28th 2017 06:08

hey Sethy sup out there?
Nov 17th 2016 18:58

Aug 19th 2016 08:04

hey Seth check this out.
Jun 8th 2016 08:03

Right!! Good idea on your part I actually love playing her lol
May 24th 2016 05:03

Really enjoying our role play! And I love being Torrie for it :)
May 24th 2016 04:57

sneak around where are u?
May 13th 2016 21:35