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↬ Lucien

!! wip !!


Full name: Lucien Sauveron
Sobriquet: Lu, Luci
Reason for nickname: Both have come from attempts to annoy him
Birth date: 1/11
Age: 200+ years

Species: Cursed to exist as a demon, born with angel blood, f***ed with the wrong witch. No memory of his origins, false memories implanted.


Height: 6'5
Body build:
Shape of face:
Eye color:
Glasses or contacts:
Skin tone:
Distinguishing marks:
Predominant features:
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: Short, messy, untamable
Voice: Silky smooth, deep, honey-like




Drives and motivations: To have complete control of those he surrounds himself with. Intense thirst for power, insatiable.
Long term goals: To be classed as an official 'king' of some sort.
How other characters will be affected: Enslaved 'happily' to him.


Colour: Lavender
Least favorite colour: Brown
Music: Anything and everything
Food: Doesn't really survive off food
Form of entertainment:
Most prized possession:


Other drugs:
Nervous tics:
Usual body posture:



self perception


relationships // preferences

Opinion of other people in general:



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↬ Elias


➥ Heavy drug involvement, self harm
➥ Intended use for crime/angst/romance


Name : Elias Nilsson
Sobriquet : Eli
Gender : Male
Age : 24
Species : Human
Hometown : Stockholm, Sweden
Currently living : Where the roleplay is set, moved there when he was too young to really remember his home town


Traits :
- Critical
- Obsessive
- Intolerant
- Difficult
- Hotheaded

- Protective
- Loyal
- Stoic
- Creative

Hobbies :
- Painting
- Drinking
- ???

Habits :
- Jaw clenching through tension
- Drinking
- Pacing
- Chewing on pens/pencils while focused
- Arguing

Fears :
- ???
- ???


Orientation : Bisexual, heavy male lean
Kinks : Breath play, being in full control, spitting, dominating, begging
Hookups or Relationships : Hookups
Position : Strictly dominant


Height : 6'4
Hair : Black, short
Eyes : A soft, light blue
Piercings : None
Scars : Multiple around his body, different causes, mostly self inflicted burns


Drinker? : Yes
Smoker? : Yes
Recreational drug user? : Yes
Which? : Mainly focuses on Xanax
Mental illnesses : Clear signs of OCD, but there's certainly something else wrong with him

the story

➥ Elias was fairly normal growing up. It wasn't until he reached puberty that things seemed to change for him.
Nothing about his home life felt like it was enough to trigger such a change in personality, at least from the eyes of his parents of which he was quite close to, up until his father fell seriously ill. When he passed away, he and his mother grew apart, as he distanced himself from that completely. It was then that emotions became a problem for him. He used everything to shut himself off from them, since they were far too overwhelming to deal with.

School became increasingly difficult from the age twelve and onwards. His father was dead, his mom was trying to reach him and he'd continuously shut her out. All of these new feelings were reaching him and he loathed them, simply someone who couldn't handle them, especially as any attempt at any kind of relationship seemed to fail him. In general, Elias had been feeling as though there was something wrong with him for a long while, and that was only amplified by this stage.

Looking back on it by the time he was sixteen, things at home could've been a little better. His father had toxic masculinity issues, seeming to accidentally pass some of them onto Elias, though he found himself not at all being misogynistic unlike his father. His mother had at least managed to drill that into him correctly, with the little communication they had now.
However, unfortunately because of his father's "old ways", it was hard for Elias to come to terms with his sexuality to start with. The confusion frustrated him. It brought him to become quite angry, which lead to many fights at school, enough to land him in therapy quickly. It was actually there that he learned to accept that small part of him, though still so far from fixing himself in general. There was still so much anger and no one, including himself, knew where it was coming from.

By the time he was eighteen he was out partying often. It wasn't until one late night that he was walking home, when someone would attempt to mug him. With a bit of a fight ensuing, it ended with Elias killing the attacker, and he was walking away with a gunshot to the arm.
The police were involved of course, but for some reason he didn't get punished. His mother had tipped them off, paying a hefty amount just to keep him from being charged. It was self defense anyway, why should he be punished?
In a way he wished he had. After taking that man's life, he'd been haunted by that for years following. It never left him, it kept him up at night, and now he felt nothing.

Xanax was regularly abused by him after that, helping him keep numb and he was skipping days. In his early twenties now, he was in the business of selling drugs. He was heavily relied on, making himself known within that scene and keeping himself at a good reputation. It kept money in his pocket, allowing him to hold down his own flat. He never saw his mother anymore.

Most of his days now are spent keeping his house completely clean, getting high, and waiting for texts to request what he has to offer. He doesn't have much drive for success anymore, completely lost but won't admit it.


- Elias will not physically abuse the people he's in a relationship with, though he will likely be toxic in many other ways. He isn't good with people and doesn't know how to hold down a relationship
- Elias is very hard to get involved with, he requires patience and time
- Can be found at parties/bars/gigs/concerts

{ " im not your sin " }

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↬ Guidelines ↫

My guidelines are very simple. I know what I want and won't settle for less.

◦ Do not pressure me to respond. It can take up to a week for me to write up a post. I work overnights and I've been picking up more hours as of late, my job is fast paced and generally very draining. Sometimes I need a break, especially as I struggle with untreated adhd among other things.

◦ Anything below 500 words will likely lose my interest. I put in a lot of effort and attempt to detail my characters enough to seem real, I'd like to see the same effort given back. If you can't - that's fine, we're just not a match.

◦ Don't waste my time. If you add me, come to me with something in mind. Do not make me do all the work. I will contribute to building a story with you, but if you come to me with nothing to start building with, I can't work with that.

◦ I enjoy writing ero, but not above the story. No ero-based plots. On top of this, no incest, no taboo themes.

◦ I have discord but will only offer and give to those I'm serious in writing with.

◦ Literacy is required. Romance is required.

◦ I write most pairings, though I'm incredibly fussy when it comes to fxf as I'm not too familiar with it.

◦ I have no triggers, except for earthquakes.

◦ Currently interested in writing supernatural / fantasy / drama / crime / heavily angsty themes and genres.


Please interact with this if you've read this! It helps me know that it's all been understood and acknowledged. I likely won't be very motivated in interacting if it doesn't seem like they've been read over.
I'll be adding to this if anything more pops up. I swear I'm friendly to chat with, just a bit strict. ❤

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↬ Vera


Full name: Vera Antonov
Nickname(s) or Alias: Vee, Panda
Gender: Female
Species: Shifter - Werewolf
Age: 18-25
Birthday: 29/12
Nationality: Russian
Religion: Non-religious
City or town of birth: Moscow
Currently lives: [ Depends where the story is set ]
Languages spoken: Russian, English
Native language: Russian


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hookups or Relationships: Vera has no experience.
Kinks: Begging, edging, degradation, praising, teasing, pet names, choking
Position: Submissive
Virgin: Yes


Height: 5'2
Figure/build: Short height, healthy weight to fill into her curves.
Hair colour: Dark brown.
Hairstyle: Long and straight, she doesn't have a preferred way to have it, only ever really keeping a fringe.
Eye colour: Honey brown.
Preferred style of clothing: Loves elegant clothing, adores skirts and dresses, modern clothing arrangements. Is comfortable in anything really.
Frequently worn jewelry/accessories: Vera's not much of a fan of jewelry, sometimes makeup.


Smoker?: hasnt touched addictive substances yet
Drinker?: tbd
Recreational Drug User? Which?: tbd
Addictions: tbd
Allergies: Bee stings


- Argumentative
- Impatient
- Irritable
- Playful
- Loyal
- Highly independent
- Erratic

- Losing the connections she makes
- Betrayal
- Abandonment
- Death

Favorite colour: Red
Taste in music: Anything from classical, instrumentals to rock and metal. Anything but country music.

the story

Growing up, Vera had a weird life.
Stuck inside for years, her parents were adamant on keeping her close. She never understood why she couldn't really leave, only ever really being told it had something to do with her parent's work. This left her homeschooled, which a lot of money was put into.
They were quite a rich family, one of the richest around, they had this large mansion in which they spent most of their time. There were too many rooms, it took too long to cross from one side to the other. Quite privileged, she had everything handed to her with ease. The only friends she ever made were the staff that worked for them, rotating shifts and always being replaced. No one ever stayed for too long, Vera got used to that quickly though managed to get her social needs satisfied by the nice ones that hung around a little longer. Her parents were always quite busy.

Eventually her mother fell pregnant yet again, giving teenage Vera a little sister, Viktoria. The younger sister was what seemed to bring Vera more attention from her parents, somehow bringing them closer as she also grew incredibly attached to the child. They had a sweet little bond for the four years her sister was around, but unfortunately due to devastating circumstances, Viktoria passed away through a horrific drowning incident.
Vera was eighteen at this point and despite how much she felt it impacted her, she didn't really mourn noticeably. It wasn't a case of crying alone, she just didn't. Somehow managing to convince herself that it was meant to happen, that it was just how it was. This loss undoubtedly festered inside her, she has yet to acknowledge how much it had affected her.

No therapy was offered for her, but instead her mother who seemed to take it so much worse. Vera understood why, it was a tragedy and had to be that much harder for her. Their family was once more quite distant.
Vera had been offered to learn how to swim shortly after the incident, but when she came near their swimming pool, she would immediately be overcome with rough panic attacks. Swimming lessons were never successful, she can't even take baths. Still in denial, she refuses to believe she needs to process her loss any further.

Her first case of shifting hit when she turned nineteen. Hiding it from her parents was relatively easy considering the large house and lack of observation from them. The only odd thing they ever noticed was her mood changes, her increased irritability. They always just blamed hormones.

But really, her parents knew. They always had, which caused her to be locked up in the first place, a precaution that she had naively looked over.


Mother: Ksenia Antonov - 45
Father: Viktor Antonov - 52
Siblings: Viktoria Antonov - 4 ( deceased )

Grandparents ( alive )

Grandmother: Anastasiya Belsky - 70 ( mothers side )
Grandfather: Oleg Antonov - 78 ( fathers side )

Both grandparents live alongside them within their mansion.


- Vera cannot control her ability to shift, let alone any other ability along with being what she is.
- Vera is infertile.
- Cannot swim.
- Can speak English well for the most part, knows a bit of sign language, cannot read or write in English though; at least struggles to.
- Tends to turn catatonic when presented with any trauma or shock, also becomes temporarily mute.

{ " why not me " }

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↬ Tasia

         While Tasia is written to be heavily unstable and fairly
        immature, I can write her to not be so exhausting as well,   
         at least reduce it. I tend to get carried away with how
               much I put her through.

               ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Self harm and suicidal tendencies. Heavy drug/alcohol use.
This character's use is heavily intended for psychological, drama and romance settings.

bury me


Name : Tasia Hamilton
Sobriquet : Tas, T, Ta
Age : 18-21
Species : Human
Currently living : Somewhere in the United States
Hometown : Toronto, Canada


Traits :
- Stubborn
- Unstable
- Needy
- Paranoid
- Insecure
- Sensitive
- Selfish
- Caring
- Pushy

Hobbies :
- Playing/learning instruments
- Ice skating
- Archery
- Snowboarding
- Day drinking/drug use

Habits :
- Tugging on her hair when she's overwhelmed
- Smoking
- Drinking
- Impulsive decision making
- Driving recklessly
- Bouncing her knee
- Going AWOL anytime situations become tough

Fears :
- Rejection
- Abandonment
- Spiders
- Heights
- Tight spaces
- The dark
- Change

Favourite colour: Purple
Taste in music: Heavy metal, rock, alternative, indie, and so on.


Orientation : Pansexual, male lean
Kinks : Knife play, blood play, breath play, CNC, biting, scratching, carving, begging, teasing, spitting.
Hookups or Relationships : Prefers relationships but often hooks up more
Virgin : Absolutely not
Position: Bratty submissive


Height : 5'2
Hair : Long & honey blonde
Eyes : Dark green
Piercings : None
Scars : Multiple on her arms

Basic description : Blonde hair that reaches her mid-back, slightly wavy. Her skin is pale white, body slightly underweight and due to her mental state being unhealthy it's reflected physically, by that pale skin with dark circles surrounding her eyes. Her baggy clothes often hide that underweight appearance and scars, but she can and does wear more revealing clothes at parties she often attends.


Drinker? : Yes
Smoker? : Yes
Recreational drug user? : Yes
Which? : Almost anything, drawing the line at meth, she will never try it.
Mental illnesses : Complex-PTSD, depression

the story

Back when Tasia was two years old, she was adopted. This remains unknown to her, she has not been told by her adoptive parents. Her home city is Toronto in Canada but she resides within the United States.

Growing up, she had a fairly good childhood. When she reached the age of ten years old, she was involved in a home invasion within her own home. For the most part, the finer details will remain blurry for her, unable to process more than the main event that left her brother killed. It appeared that the home invaders planned to rob them, assuming they were asleep or not home, but upon being startled by their presence they made the wrong move and wound up shooting her older brother Nathan while he tried to protect her.

This ordeal lead to many things happening in the following years. Tasia closed up on her parents, she lost any ability to control her feelings and struggled to cope even with the many therapy appointments she was pushed into. It felt like her world was constantly falling apart.
Her parents divorced a year after the loss of their son, her father left with her older sister and only ever hears from her sister even now. Her father cut all contact with her, she doesn't understand why and even her sister can't see reason in it.

Her mother has an unhealthy drinking addiction. While sober she has the capability of acting as any mother should, but while drunk the roles almost reverse and it's Tasia that ends up looking after her. Somehow she manages to keep her job though the ice is thin there, leaving Tasia constantly on edge through high school, barely able to pass or function enough to focus.
The drinking addiction was generously passed on. Tasia was seeking older men to validate her feelings and fix her abandonment issues, nothing truly filling that void in her chest. Drinking turned into drugs, once every so often turned to weekly, to daily.
A part time job was acquired somewhere, somehow managing to get into a university after passing high school, she was moving forward but still unable to move out. She held a relationship with a young man who was already in university, it lasted quite a while but was in no way healthy. Being cheated on several times, Tasia eventually called it quits.
Therapy was once more indulged in, Tasia trying to do better though barely improving. This only happens due to a failed suicide attempt, where she’s now fresh out of being kept at the hospital.

That leaves her with where she is now, which would be in the story we create.


- Holds a high sex drive, tends to use sex to make herself feel better.

- Tasia can and will argue back with a short-tempered character. She will push them past their breaking point if she can, capable of wanting to exploit their anger and self destruct to feed her own unhealthy needs. She's not afraid to put herself at risk of harm.

- She can be very toxic, overbearing and overly paranoid. Not a very stable person, she won't offer much good when it comes to mental wellbeing and a healthy relationship. Granted, she is still very caring and will try and be there for your character's every need.

- Could be in a band, depending on the roleplay.

- Tends to romanticize abusive behavior.

- Blacks out under heavy stress.

- (( optional )) Develops epilepsy.

{ " and if that doesnt turn you on, ill keep talking till something does " }

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