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♡The Blackest Witch
-Sarcastic, Dark Humored, Cold Hearted
-Loyal, Charming, Naive
-Reserved for @DrakoArc
1  Oct 10th 2021 05:20

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Q. *Simply slides Kieran a drink*

Dude why are you so stand offish with Davina? Just curious of your intentions with her? -Nikki
A. *drinks it*

Stand Offish, Isn't that between Me and Davina? My feelings and hers. Why is Raul so Stand offish to Pradeus
 Sep 8th 2020 02:19

Q. Message from: (What is her name in his phone?)

Oh! I just wanted if you wanted to go on a date tonight I was doing some research and I just wanted to ask you about what I found?
A. Message for BansheeChick

Kinda busy today. And research on what?
 Sep 4th 2020 01:42

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Hi, would you like to roleplay?
Jul 16th 2021 03:06

"Proof Magnus smiles."
Aug 29th 2020 20:11

Jul 12th 2020 21:00

//I just have to say you play Lucifer so well. I can actually picture the scenes it's so convincing. It's kinda scary LOL:)
Jun 20th 2020 01:54

Castiel gave his brother a glare when he began teasing him before he was suddenly caught off guard by Lucifer poking him. Instinctivly, he hit his brother in the face with one of his wings. Though this would have gone unseen by the human eyes. "Amd you're acting like a very OLD child. Does Dad need to change your diaper as well?" Castiel said in an attempt at teasing him back.
Jun 19th 2020 23:14

"It may be in the past brother but it is not easily forgotten by most," Castiel said before crossing his arms now. "I am and no I'm not a damnsel. I am a soldier"
Jun 19th 2020 23:02

"They are not here," Castel answered though keeping his guard. "Probably off hunting as far as I know," he said as he couldn't track them anymore. "And to answer your question. Watching over them when I am with the Winchesters. Or hunting with them these days."
Jun 19th 2020 22:43

"I do not need a reminder. As I am fully aware of what you can do on a good day," he said. But when it came down to it, the angel would have rathered it was him who suffered so the Winchesters wouldn't.
Jun 19th 2020 22:22

"That or you are bored and need a little entertainment," Castiel said before his features changed into a serious look. "Not as long as I am around brother."
Jun 19th 2020 22:18

"Favorite? I doubt I am considering we hardly get along," Castiel said as he looked at his brother. "I see you have been busy."
Jun 19th 2020 21:59