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16 / Female / Single
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It's pronounced like Moana if you're asking. Except it's a 'ɪ' sound, not 'm'.

(n)serendipity = finding something good without looking for it

Artistic child. Get me some candy please.

I roleplay anything and usually enjoy new genres as it helps me develop my style more and learn new words, phrases and specific verbs. As a non-native speaker, please excuse my vocabulary and very occasional mistakes, and I kindly ask you to correct anything I've said annoyingly wrong.

Everything the other people are saying about rules applies to me as well, no one-liners, no god-modding, but the thing that bothers me the most is people who take over the other's character. Please don't do that.

Starting fresh, kinda o.O

People I appreciate and you should appreciate as well:

@FireCali I just hope they don't mind that I'm a bit rusty, because I feel like I'd do almost anything to get to their mastery and perfect story-telling skills

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Q. aare you dating @noch
A. Ha, I wish
 Oct 8th 2017 19:49

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