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(Kinu Kitsune)
21 / Female / Single
The Mountain Of Fox Spirits, United States
Hi there and welcome to my profile!! I don't start in character, but I might surprise you some days with my spontaneous excitement. Sorry!

I love Fire Emblem and a bunch of other games, but I decided to mainly RP as Selkie here. That does not mean I won't RP as other characters. I'd love to RP as any other characters! Even OC's! I can do male characters or female.

I'm setting up rules right now. Please read them. ;-;

Don't be shy. Send me a friend request! I'd love to chat and maybe even Roleplay~

Latest Comments

Oh right! Sorry for the late wish here, but happy late merry christmas and happy new year, mas--I mean Selkie!
Jan 6th 2020 02:29

Keep in good health!
Sep 22nd 2019 23:13

;o; I thought to check on you. Kind of figured exhaustion or you became sick--or you thought I haven't responded. Rest up dear! :D Thank you by the way.
Mar 26th 2019 03:46

I fell asleep midway through last night. You're on my to do list soon as I get home darling. <3 n.n
Feb 8th 2019 12:57

-Gasp- I knew I forgot about my fellow kitsu!
May 30th 2018 01:51

-Nuzzles face into, stays quiet as requested-
Apr 23rd 2018 14:07

-Quietly hugs fellow kitsune-
Apr 21st 2018 02:12