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“After Banner snapped the world back into place… nothing felt the same… we lost good people too… Lost 2 Who practically fought to protect me… one whom I wish I could apologize to…” I was slouched over in my chair” If…. “I sighed as I looked down”if I could fix it all… I would… but losing lives… and Death… are just another part of the cycle... Though I do miss you Steve..”
3  Nov 25th 2021 02:12

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Q. Listen to the song ‘Rasputin’ and tell me this song wasn’t made for Bucky xD
A. Yes- that song is meant for Bucky XD
 May 1st 2021 14:24

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Jun 2nd 2021 19:30

I love you tooo
Jun 2nd 2021 19:28

Jun 2nd 2021 19:23

Okay okay, you’re to sweet for this
Jun 2nd 2021 17:41

Doll, I am rude.
Jun 2nd 2021 16:31

Not anymore!
Jun 2nd 2021 16:23

Jun 2nd 2021 16:21

That’s too damn bad!
Jun 2nd 2021 16:20

Nope! I’m just as fast as you are! *she ran after him, eventually catching up and tackling him* Gotcha!
Jun 2nd 2021 15:54

Not a chance, Barnes! Come here!
Jun 2nd 2021 15:53