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116 / Female / Single
Under The Ocean; Kingdom of Nazjatar, United States
"To fully prepare for a world of perfection, all the imperfect must be swept away."

Queen Azshara was the beloved ruler of the elven people of Kalimdor over ten-thousand years ago, and is the current ruler of the Naga.
Beautiful, charismatic, and persuasive in every way, she controlled most of the Night Elf society.
After her defeat at the hands of Malfurion Stormrage, and the Great Sundering that sent her and much of the Highborne into the depths, Azshara was transformed by the Old Gods into the Empress of Nazjatar — dominant progenitor of the serpentine Naga.

"There has only ever been, only ever will be... one Azshara."

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A. "Why, yes. Yes, I did."
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