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23 / Male / Forever Alone
SkullLand, United States
Send me a message if you want to rp. I am fine with just chatting too. Actually that would be great right now.

I usually make people wait for my replies. If you don't like waiting, don't add me. I'll try my best to reply you anyway. Even that means staying up so late. English is not my native language, please ignore the silly grammar mistakes.

And about the roleplay, I can do anything for you. But my favourite genres are action, fantasy and SciFi. Both girls and boys are welcomed. Also no marry sues...

That would be all for now.

Latest Questions

Q. We are looking for dc and marvel rpers for a roleplay group, but must be active. Would you be intrested? If not thats fine. We still need a barry allen and other dc characters
A. I can try
 Jun 3rd 2020 13:17

Q. Ok who all do you roleplay as for marvel and dc?
A. I think I can play as anyone from DC but for Marvel, I can't say the same thing, maybe Tony Stark, Thor, Loki, Bruce Banner and... Steve Rogers?
 May 31st 2020 08:47

Latest Comments

Hey, just wanted to check up and see if you were still interested in the RP. I sent a starter and you haven’t replied in awhile. Let me know, thanks!
May 15th 2020 12:06

I don't mess with decimals, they ruin the scoring
Oct 20th 2018 17:03

Because nobody is perfect, sweetheart, but I'll bump you up to a 9/10 ;)
Oct 20th 2018 16:53

Hello. You're welcome, thanks for accepting.
Sep 3rd 2018 22:58

Love you~ <3
Sep 3rd 2018 08:47

Hey sweetie. :)
Thanks for accepting.
Jun 30th 2018 10:37

// i knowww~ c:
May 15th 2018 17:19

I'm just randomly rating people lol
Oct 12th 2017 10:26

8/10 lovely person lol
Oct 12th 2017 07:49

Sep 6th 2017 14:08