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(Wanda Maximoff)
32 / Female / Married
New York - United States
"No more mutants."

"I can't control their fears. Only my own."

"I am the Scarlet Witch and I remember everything."

"Everybody's afraid of something."

"While I live--and until I die--I am an Avenger!"


Married to: @Photokinetic

Message to Donovan: Donovan, nu contează cât de mulți bani ai sau unde locuiești, te voi iubi mereu. Tu ești lumina în întunericul meu, ghidul meu când sunt pierdut, soarele în cerul meu. Indiferent de ce, voi fi alături de tine.

Wanda's Vows: Donovan Renaud, from the moment I met you, you've brightened up my life. I know that's cheesy and cliched, especially with your powers but I don't know how else to put it. You were the one who started to pull me out of HYDRA, who made me realize what I was doing was wrong, who, literally, lightened my path. You've helped me fight my demons, more than you probably even know, and I will forever be eternally grateful. I know I'm chaotic, that's just the nature of my life, but you balance that out to create harmony.
After our first break up, I was lost. A lot of things were going on and I was facing them alone. Everything I did, I felt like something was missing. And then I realized it was you. After we got back together, everything felt right again. I love you so much and I don't think I'll ever be able to fully show that to you. Donovan, you are the most handsome man I could have ever met. You're smart and funny and strong and you're great with kids and always encouraging and I could keep going but we'd be here all night.
I promise to always be there for you, through thick and thin, as you have for me. I also promise to have your back in a fight because let's be honest: we both know there's going to be one probably as soon as we leave because that's how our life is. I promise to go to every car show with you because I love seeing how your eyes light up and you go into detail to tell me about every single car you see. And I also promise to curl up next to you every night with a cup of tea in my hands so we can watch the hilarity of Night Court and then immediately watch the drama play out on NCIS.
Donovan, I love you now, I love you forever, and that'll never change. Today, I have the honor and privilege of marrying my best friend. I took many risks in life but one gamble that I don't regret is falling in love with you.


My name is Wanda Maximoff. I am a twin...or was. A lot has happened to me, changed me, made me better. After Sokovia fell, I became an Avenger, officially. Don't try to underestimate me. And definitely, don't try to make me mad. I've gotten rid of the mutants before with three single words. Who knows what I could do to you?

Speaking of mutants, I am one. I just didn't realize it at first. It was forced out of me when I volunteered for Strucker's experiments in HYDRA. After the first experiment when they realized Pietro and I weren't dead, my mutant gene started to take over. Many people believe that my powers come from HYDRA. They don't. They come from my mutant gene. If you believe that mutants are horrible and want to send an anti-mutant squad after me, go on. Tell them. They won't be able to catch me. Why is that, you ask? I never told you a name you might better know me as. This is why.

I am the Scarlet Witch!


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Q. "Hiya Wanda! How ya doing? Eathing well? Ah was wonder I got if ya was free tamorrow aftahnoon?"
A. "Hey Rogue! I'm doing well. Morning sickness getting better with your recommendations. I am free tomorrow afternoon. What's up?"
 Jun 8th 2018 23:55

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Done and done.
 Jul 4th 2017 20:45

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Wet footsteps could be heard on the soaked pavement strange disasters that broke out of nowhere followed by a terrifying sound which was currently being talked about over the world news.

Reporter: "And there are no explanations as to why such disaster broke out simultaneously. This is a first in recorded history that we can report that not three but storms, violent winds tracking up to 120 miles per hour, earthquakes breaking scales, bolts of lightning striking rapidly..." Taking a deep breath and trying to keep her composure the lady paused looking down before getting herself back together. "Ea- volcanic eruptions..." A tear falling down her face she wiped it away choking up. "Call your family members, make sure they are alright! The worst is to be expected Florida officials are unresponsive..." Bringing her hand up to her ear piece she shook her head and then fully broke down. "South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and a part of Louisiana has been devastated by the sudden outbreak..." Running out of view of the camera she could be heard saying. "I have to call my mom!"

In New York things were far from okay but there were no casualties. A heavy thud could be heard against the door of the Renaud Maximoff household. Roshoku had nowhere else to go, unable to go to the soul realm he had no real friends in the world of the living, he only had The Order who more than likely were focusing all of their efforts on searching for him now because the process had begun.

Black blood covering his mouth trailing down his neck. His eyes faded drastically he appeared actually be dead on the doorstep but he was far from it. 'Donovan open the door you need to-' His spiritual message had been interrupted by a sharp pain that would afflicted not only Roshoku but the receiver as well.
Jun 14th 2019 21:37

"Yes i know you can Wanda, just trying to show i care." Erik smiled at Wanda.
Dec 4th 2018 11:04

"Of course i will be there for you, with you by my side you will never have to worry as i will always protect you."
Dec 2nd 2018 14:18

"It took awhile to collect myself but i feel more enlightend now. I want you by my side not for the botherhood but for me."
Nov 18th 2018 08:31

"Wanda, its good to see you again."
Nov 17th 2018 20:30

"Yes alot of mutants feel the same as i and have joined... I heard about your partner, im sorry darling. I know what its like to love and lose all to well, just want to let you know im here for you. We may not be on the best of terms but you're still my blood."
Aug 23rd 2018 05:19

"Wine it is then, Well just be here and there. recruiting mutants. I gave myself alittle time off to come see you so im not really doing much"
Jul 28th 2018 08:02

"What would you like to drink my dear? Im sure he'll be fine Wanda, in due time you two will be together again just like old times"
Jul 17th 2018 12:50

"Yes, you are right. I think it turned out for the best you are so strong and beautiful, you are doing well for youself its a shame your brother isnt around to see it."
Jul 14th 2018 06:54

"Im glad to hear that you will tag along, maybe we can spend that long awaiting time we never had?"
Jul 10th 2018 19:29