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Sayian's Blog


You work at a resort which often hosts celebrities. Your newest guest has a strange request-you.
This would be a sexual rp where I play as the female celebrity.
I can play as Elizabeth Olsen or Angelina Jolie for this but am up for discussing other celebs you might want me to play as for this scene
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Plot #8

An employer and new personal assistant sexual and romantic rp with perhaps the secretary being the lookalike of Natalie Dormer or Saoirse Ronan.
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An female shape-shifting alien crash lands on earth. Now, she has to survive. The problem is, in order to do so, she needs to mate.
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The plot is that of a Romantic RP involving an adult film actress and a stranger she meets. The details can be discussed in dms. It can be M X F or FXF.
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A female cosplayer suddenly gains the powers of the character she is cosplaying as. Her secret threatens to make the headlines before she can get a handle on the situation. Will she be able to keep her secret from becoming public knowledge? That would prove to be difficult, as she is at a bust comiccon and a persistent reporter, hot on the trail for what he recognizes to be his next big story, has discovered her secret.

I play as: either the female cosplayer or the male reporter.
You play: the other of the two characters.
Please have good grammar an feel free to dm me
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0 | 0 Comments | Dec 17th 2021 13:31