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(Bree Darkness)
19 / Female / Married
Bremerton, Washington - United States
I love anime, manga , music, and being myself. When im at school i get picked on for my likes and dislikes.But since I found this sight I feel like myself, I know that might sound weird but hey I am who I am . If anyone wants to talk to me outside this site I do have facebook, skype, oovoo, yahoo, and gmail . I might have more but they are not coming to mind . Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Latest Status

Sorry that I’ve been off line for so long been moving and working almost 40 hours a week
2  Jun 12th 2019 04:51

Latest Questions

Dinoguy asked the question
Q. How are you
A. Very tired and hating life
 Jul 19th 2017 00:47

kdj122 asked the question
Q. what is your kik or skype?
A. Kik:brianna darkness
Skype: darkness74410
 Dec 18th 2015 19:18

Latest Comments

Jul 1st 2018 21:54

Do you have a kik
Jun 25th 2016 04:25

Jan 11th 2016 04:15

yeah you can. i don't mind
Oct 7th 2015 16:00

can the girl in your profile pic be my one of my characters mother?
Oct 7th 2015 15:52

D-----> Welcome to the site. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know, and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Oh, and if you ever feel like roleplaying or chatting, just PM me and we can talk! Have fun here, okay? c:
Sep 14th 2015 21:31