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(Sean Rolfe)
25 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hello there, little f*****s, please, read my goddamn rules. They are there for a reason.
Thanks :)

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Memento Mori.

Unus Annus.

12  Nov 14th 2020 20:44

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Q. hope i didn't get back to you at a bad time just got off work ready to rp so lets go lol
A. I'm ready!
 Aug 22nd 2016 21:14

Q. This rp is fun glad that you thought of it
A. It is! Just now I'm replying!
 Jun 26th 2016 01:32

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Hello, I apologise, I tried to message you, however, it isn't going through.
Nov 6th 2020 12:25

Thank you for adding me ♥
Oct 10th 2020 00:57

Hey there :)) love your Bakugo pfp
Aug 17th 2020 18:31

"thanks for the add loser"
Jun 27th 2020 01:43

I'm Cat!
May 6th 2020 13:47

Thank you for the add!
Apr 6th 2020 23:38

Thanks for the add friend
Feb 21st 2020 01:31

* poke * We have a rp going and its your turn to reply!
Dec 3rd 2019 12:47

Did you still want to roleplay
Nov 2nd 2019 18:02

small reminder beep!

beep beep!
Jul 17th 2019 04:19