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-'' What do you remember of Sergeant Gabriel Gibson? ''
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Hi ty for adding me!

A little heads up I don’t do one liners and I’m not a dom. Ty for reading hope you understand. *hugs*
Apr 24th 2021 01:46

//just tell me if you dont wanna rp
Mar 30th 2021 22:11

//Awaiting your response
Mar 28th 2021 07:38

So, I have been waiting 4 months now, any chance we can RP? I sent a starter as you asked but I never heard back.
Jan 13th 2021 13:09

// Hi, thanks for the add!
Jan 1st 2021 14:09

Hello, friend. Thanks for the add! Would you like to role play? Send me a chat we can come up with a starter!
Dec 9th 2020 22:30

thank you so much for letting me in your friend group. I appreciate your friendship. I hope to be good friends with you.
Dec 6th 2020 17:10

Hi, I'm Tink! Ty♥️ for adding me♥️
Dec 3rd 2020 03:36

Hey there :)) love your Bakugo pfp
Aug 17th 2020 18:31

"thanks for the add loser"
Jun 27th 2020 01:43