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27 / Male / Single
Hello there, little f*****s, please, read my goddamn rules. They are there for a reason.
Thanks :)

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I'm sorry if I haven't respond to you. Having some laptop issues.
5  Aug 7th 2019 18:56

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Grobot asked the question
Q. hey wanna rp?
A. Sure
 Dec 25th 2016 14:38

Q. hope i didn't get back to you at a bad time just got off work ready to rp so lets go lol
A. I'm ready!
 Aug 22nd 2016 21:14

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small reminder beep!

beep beep!
Jul 17th 2019 04:19

Thanks for friend request
Mar 2nd 2019 04:03

thanks so much for the friend request! hope we can roleplay together in the near future. :)
Jan 29th 2019 00:08

thank you for sending a friend request! hope to talk to you soon!
Jan 28th 2019 18:59

Thank you for the add
Jan 3rd 2019 01:02

Hii, thank you for adding me, let's talk soon*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Jan 1st 2019 14:23

Hello there! Thank you so much for accepting my friend request. My name is Emily, how are you today? Hope all is well for you. I was wondering if you'd maybe like to discuss a storyline and roleplay? If not, I understand, have a good day.
Dec 4th 2018 11:19

Hey, darling!
Oct 1st 2018 23:27

hello ^^ thank you for sending me a friend request
Sep 17th 2018 20:28

//thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Jul 14th 2018 22:51