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25 / Male / Single
Connecticut - United States
Welcome to my profile!
It's a pleasure to have you here. I've been roleplaying for about a decade now, and it's been a fun experience overall, hence why I'm on this website. I enjoy all kinds of different roleplays, (including some fandoms!) and ideally try to incorporate some sort of romance into the MxF roleplays. Though I don't do MxM romance roleplays, however I'll still RP with guys!
Now, as for plot, I enjoy figuring out how to start an RP, talking about basic plot elements, and letting the plot go from there. I'm fine with discussing some plot aspects midway through the RP, though I don't enjoy discussing how an RP is going to go from beginning to end because then it loses its element of surprise.
One more thing about me is that I may ask quite a few questions about you, your character, or the general setting of an RP. I hope this doesn't steer anyone away from me, I'm just trying to make sure I have the necessary knowledge to make good posts!
Another note is that I'm totally up for chatting too!
I have a discord, if you want to RP off site, please ask!

A few of my rules are as follows,
-Please try to add some content to your writing- I don't mind one liners, but please don't just have it be something like 'She smiles and giggles'.
-Please be polite!- Self explanatory!
-If you add me, please message me first!- I mean, c'mon guys. Who adds someone and doesn't offer a greeting?
-Please reply more than once a day- It's hard to keep the momentum of an RP going when the partner you're trying to write a story with only gives you a tiny post once a day. If it's an RP with long posts, it's more understandable.
-Im probably gonna ask how you're doing everyday- Please don't get mad at that! I've had a few people get upset when I try to have a normal conversation with them before roleplaying.
-Congrats! You made it to the end of the rules. I hope to talk to you sometime soon.

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