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22 / Other / Single
United Kingdom
(The admin is a male but roleplays female.)

I will not rp with anyone under 18 years old. If i am roleplaying with you and are under 18 tell me

All rps are in character and the actions in rps do not reflect how the admin feels

I enjoy roleplaying i have a wide collection of Ocs but i also enjoy playing cannon characters. i enjoy playing characters from video games, comics and movies.

Im also pansexual

If you send 3 requests and iv denied them then i will block you

Don't control my girls


@StoneAngel and @TheDemonRaven are my masters forever

@Ophelia is a great friend. Probably even the greatest and anyone hurts her well.... i will see you in hell

@Little_Inhuman_Kitty is my adorable girl. Mommy loves you

@LittleLotte Is my baby girl xx she's so cute (she wont admit it)

Latest Status

Why do people keep forgetting me
0  Jul 2nd 2022 22:13

Latest Questions

Q. Why r u broken hearted? I thought I made you happy...
A. Havent changed it in awhile
 Mar 2nd 2022 17:55

redacted asked the question
Q. You...saw...nothing...
A. I see everything
 May 26th 2021 04:12

Latest Comments

Jun 27th 2022 10:08

Yeah sorry been busy
Jun 21st 2022 12:56

Of course! *huggies*
Jun 5th 2022 03:40

Mar 5th 2022 01:19

Hehe~ *cuddles*
Mar 3rd 2022 11:30

Well you’ll have to share, I’m not very easy to keep~
Jul 2nd 2021 12:43

Such a greedy girl…
Jul 2nd 2021 12:42

Aww don’t be greedy
Jul 2nd 2021 12:41

*looks at my hand* ...huh...what exactly is this supposed to do? :P
Jun 18th 2021 11:51

*chuckles* suuuuuuuuuure you will >:)
Jun 18th 2021 11:49