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16 / Female / Single
North Carolina - United States
A little bit about me, I am pansexual, I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community.
I love anime and video games
I'm very overprotective over my friends
I'm open to anything, zombies, highschool, college, etc. Anything. If you are interested in my RP characters or if u wanna RP something brand new just send me a message. I will roleplay with anyone if ur interested just send me a message. Although I do prefer romance roleplay, but I'm open to anything!
I do prefer FxF but I can do FxM and MxM. If you add me please have an idea! If you need help adding onto an idea that's fine! Just please have some sort of starting place!
Be respectful and Nice
Don't Ask for nudes
I'm open to any type of roleplay, but make it clear of the type u want so I'm sure I'm comfortable with it.
Want a quicker way to contact me a add me on discord: Sasher#0663
~Later Loves XOXO

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Hey! Sorry everyone for the slow/late reply. My laptop was being worked on and the website doesn't work well on my phone! My apologies!
Mood: cheerful
5  Jun 26th 2020 14:41

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I’m heading to bed, I’ll reply tomorrow! Night! I’m looking forward to our roleplay!
Jun 3rd 2020 02:11