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(Sasha Banks)
29 / Female / Single
Fairfield, California - United States
See more in ( in case you sympathize with it! <3

Some people are born Bosses. Others have Bossness thrust upon them. Sasha Banks is the former. An independent wrestler out of Boston, Banks worked her way through various promotions before finally getting a foot in the door in WWE NXT. Eventually, the quiet but talented young woman found her voice, and The Boss was born. Since then, Banks hasn’t looked back for a second, though she turned plenty of heads throughout her astounding rise to dominance as one of Full Sail’s “Four Horsewomen.”

The trailblazing continued past NXT when Banks helped usher in a new era of competition on the Raw roster during the Women’s Evolution. Since then, the ultra-confident Banks has made history at every turn, competing in the first-ever Women’s WWE Iron Man, Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber Matches, all while capturing multiple Raw Women’s Titles and teaming with Bayley to become the first WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

Banks reformed her alliance with Bayley on SmackDown, and the two defiant Superstars immediately touted themselves as the locker room leaders on the blue brand, even capturing the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles for a second time. After being attacked by Bayley in savage fashion, Banks proved that she was indeed "The Boss of the Cell" when she scored a brutal victory over her former best friend to capture her first SmackDown Women's Championship in a barbaric Hell in a Cell Match. Refusing to be looked over or set aside, Sasha has proven time and again that she runs the roost. Just like a — well, you know!

Latest Questions

Q. Good morning how was your night
A. "Pretty crazy and yours?"
 Dec 6th 2021 06:13

CJ2930 asked the question
Q. "Should we skip to when we go to Monday night Raw and attack Seth and Becky
A. "Let's go ahead"
 Dec 6th 2021 03:36

Latest Comments

If I hurt you I'm sorry
Jan 15th 2022 04:33

"I miss my lovely boss"
Dec 11th 2021 12:22

"I miss you and sorry for all of the comments I'll be patient from now on"
Dec 8th 2021 13:47

I'll listen to it and don't worry we'll be silly together and I love it that I can be myself around you
Dec 5th 2021 10:11

"I agree with you baby girl they will pay for their disrespect".
Dec 3rd 2021 04:31

"Well it looks like Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are saying that they're the better couple in The WWE than us, now didn't we just say that if anyone messed with us that they'd pay dearly for it"?
Dec 3rd 2021 04:06

"Well well it looks like certain people didn't receive our message that they shouldn't mess with us"
Dec 3rd 2021 03:45

Dec 3rd 2021 01:14

I'm glad
Dec 3rd 2021 00:31

I hope that we can stay friends
Dec 2nd 2021 18:29