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23 / Male / Single
Underground, Delaware - United States
I gave up along time ago kid..seeing the surface i don't want to do anymore...

I have been best friends with grillby since childhood

if you see frisk please just get away from them...i don't need anyone else dying,,,

hi i'm sans the skeleton and i am just here to make friends with people...those if you are humans it's gonna take me a while to get use to you...i have a best friend named grillby and my younger brother papyrus..and i have friends underground that's all i need...not brats that kill us monsters for fun..or EXP i'll murder any child that kills...also i have magic where i can summon bones and gaster blaster...also my dad died when papy and i were papy or no one remembers him...

Latest Status

"oh god that brat is here...just what we all need...i swear i hate this badly they are just gonna tease me...well i won't let them mess with me..or anyone i love."
0  Nov 29th 2020 21:49

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Yeah i did..."
 Nov 21st 2020 10:06

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“ No worries ! “
Nov 28th 2020 20:07

“ Right on! “

- He quickly hands one over. The wrapper says ‘You’re just as wonderful as Nice Cream!’ On it.
Nov 28th 2020 19:58

“ Nice Cream ? “

- Smiley just seemed to pop out of nowhere, nowadays.
Nov 28th 2020 19:51

` I remember everything... it causes my head to throb knowing that it'll happen over and over again but all it seems we have left is broken hopes. `
Nov 21st 2020 13:25

` We're all tired, Sans... `
Nov 21st 2020 12:41

`...` He looked off.
Nov 21st 2020 11:30

` Sans, calm down. Your brother is determined. He always has been. Let him stay this way, please. Just help him. `
Nov 21st 2020 11:22

` Of course he is, hun! `
Nov 21st 2020 11:19

He'd frown weakly, patting the top of his skull.
Nov 21st 2020 11:17

` Get enough, please! I will be here! `
Nov 21st 2020 11:13