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(Sally Williams)
23 / Female / Single
Slender Mansion , Alaska - United States
//Don't l*wd my character please :D it's gross and i will block you thank you for coming to my ted talk!

mha account: @REWIND

Hi i'm sally it's a pleasure to meet you i am one of the residents at the slender mansion well i'm actually the youngest there but i don't mind but i love dressing up and playing tricks on the others i hope we can become friends!

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//don't know if anyone here knows kyzerAndTheVoices on youtube but he is my head canon voice for slenderman XD

Mood: adored
3  1 hour ago

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Yes i do thank you!"
 Nov 21st 2020 20:42

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`` Fine. I'll get around to it. ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:59

Was it appropriate to be telling a child this? Probably not. Abort the mission. `` Nevermind... you heard nothing from me, okay? I'll speak with her later because right now... things are somewhat awkward between us. ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:49

`` What makes you so clear on romance and you're grossed out by the idea of a crush? I hardly stuttered around Ani. However, I did... betray her. ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:46

Jack dropped down to sit on his rear and scoot up much closer to the much smaller ghost child, both hands lightly massaging her chubby cheeks. `` Why? ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:40

He laughed. `` Alright, alright. You got me... we're in the same boat. Crushes can be weird but pushing that from aside, Ani and I used to be a thing. Don't tell anymore. ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:36

The cannibal sighs quietly and knelt down to her level, his arms dangling between his inner thighs.

`` I don't know anymore. Why do I need a crush? Hmmm... do you have one, hun? ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:32

`` Well, since I'm grown... you don't need to know. `` He chuckled lightly, rubbing her head softly.
Nov 23rd 2020 09:29

`` Why do you need to know? Shouldn't you be bothering Ben or someone else? ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:25

`` Pfft. Shouldn't you be with da- err, Slender? ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:22

`` Sally... ``
Nov 23rd 2020 09:09