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(Sal Lynne)
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Dies Somnium - United States
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Hey Hey! I'm Sal. My pronouns are He/They and She/They, I'm gender fluid. I rp as a verse bottom. I enjoy all forms of horror and I specialize in writing gore and romance! If I look at your profile and don't send you a request, don't take that as me not being interested! If you like what you see, feel free to add me! I can gender swap any of my OCs if you want, just hmu~ I work three jobs, so I'm only really active at night, but I will give good quality long replies! I do enjoy some taboo and B*SM topics in rp on occasion. Don't expect me to just do ERP just because ive said all this, I just like to have my preferences clear. I expect to at least have some plot. Love happens slowly, dont rush it~
I can write anywhere from a paragraph to novella, I cant do one liners for the life of me. please take note that my best work is when I have literate partners and am doing multipara- Novella replies. Its a bit embarrassing, but my para responses are kinda weak.. I have roughly eight years of RP experience and have used this site before, unfortunately, I forgot my login for the old account. I am open to some ooc convos as I like to consider myself a pretty down to Earth guy :)

Some of my hobbies include acting and writing, I have written and published one novel so I like to consider myself AT LEAST semi-pro with writing- As for acting I have been in countless plays and musicals and even a few movies (my favorite role has by far been Shakespeare from Something Rotten!) I love reptiles and creepy crawlies, having a few pet snakes of my own- And finally- I love videogames! One day I strive to make one!
Anywho, Cheers~!
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I had my nails long for the longest time and I just cut them and I'm having a hard time typing. This is such a pain.
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I must say, thank you for your nice comment! I'm glad my writing is able to make others feel this way..
(,,>﹏<,,) Your message really made my day! (I almost squeaked!!)

To be honest I was really stressed at first because you always seemed so cool to me! In the end it turned out that you're a really amazing person and I soon noticed that I started to refresh the page every few minutes waiting for your reply!
Your style of writing is amazing as well, I've been enjoying our roleplay so much you have no idea!

And to all the people that stalk this profile — don't be afraid to send the message to Sal! They are truly a real gem on this site and I truly recommend them when it comes to roleplaying! <3

I always have problems when it comes to conveying my feelings like that but I'll hope they will reach you this time!

Thank you for writing with me, it's a pleasure. (⁠「⁠`⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠)⁠「
Jun 22nd 2024 01:29

SAL. I AM CRYING. You are so perfect and so very sweet, I am undeserving of such kind words!

I love our plot, it is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. Give me that unhinged May! I love them crazy.

In all seriousness, though, I'm truly glad that we have met. From one fellow Horror fanatic to the next - you're perfect, and don't you forget it.
Jun 3rd 2024 14:42

Sal... Sal... My precious gift. What can I say about you? Firstly, you are an amazing person. Our conversations have made me reflect more on my friendships and the importance of cherishing them. When I accepted your request, I didn't expect our roleplay to be so intriguing and captivating. Writing as a deity and maintaining a balance that doesn't come across as preposterous or overbearing, but rather as rich and layered, has been more challenging than many stories I've crafted here. You are a gem, calm, composed, and respectful, never pressuring me for a reply and even suggesting that I take a break. How endearing is that?

In our writing, Sal demonstrates exceptional coherence, creativity, and the ability to enhance ideas. We could have taken our time, but we dove straight into a story about a deity and a cultist, and I'm already completely engrossed. The way Sal showcases their creativity in the narrative is truly unique, and they've mentioned that they review their text multiple times before sending it to me. Once again, I can't help but find it adorable.

I can't emphasize enough how invaluable Sal is, a hidden treasure among writers. It surprises me that our paths haven't crossed sooner. They are incredibly skilled with their writing and remarkably attentive to the nuances and intricacies of our story. I'm truly grateful to have met you! Thank you for sharing a piece of your mind with me, Sal. For those wondering why they should connect with Sal, I can assure you, they are exceptional.

A formidable roleplayer and a delightful person to converse with.

Always yours,
~~ Evie.
Jun 2nd 2024 16:59