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(Saeran Choi)
27 / Male / Single
Korea (South)
"You... want to spend time with me? I'm not sure why you would, but I'm flattered! I'll be sure to make it worth while for you. Would you like to spend some time in the garden with me this evening, then?"

About,Rules of Roleplay and Lore (Please Read!):


Please understand that I will only roleplay with persons over the age of 18 for my comfort.

Mun/OOC account: @Futaba

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Latest Questions

Q. how are ya dooooing?
A. {I'm alright! I've just been a bit busy and not feeling too hot the past 24 hours, but I'm feeling better and more energized now!}
 Apr 24th 2018 21:35

Q. How are you doing today friendo?
A. {I'm doing alright!!! A lot better than I was yesterday for sure. Thank you for asking! c: }
 Apr 23rd 2018 16:54

Latest Comments

I did LOL
Apr 22nd 2018 21:50

You've inspired me to make a 707 account solely so I can harass you as Saeyoung [Luciel] Choi.
Apr 22nd 2018 19:35

Your blog is really f***in' cute! D:<
Apr 20th 2018 09:17