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(Noneofyourbusiness Cannotsay)
17 / Female / Single
United Kingdom
Hello random person viewing my page! Nice to meet you! If your wish is to roleplay with me, I'm open to many roleplay plots and ideas, though I do get bored easily if I'm not completely enamoured with it.

First of all: you add, you talk. If you take too long I'll just unfriend you.

I'm usually open to any genres, though there are many that I will not do. For example, I don't like doing furry roleplays, er*t*c roleplays, sports roleplays. (If a roleplay isn't strictly er*t*ca, I can accept some sm*t, more about this in my rules) However, if the plot is nice I can overlook some of these and do the roleplay anyway. I like to say that, if a roleplay doesn't have romance, I'll more often than not get bored and ditch it, so at least a bit of romance is necessary. The more there is, the easier I'll find it to get sucked in.

I don't do roleplays with girls often. I know it sounds sexist, but I'm mostly into romance roleplays and romances with girls is something I'm not into. I have exceptions, but they're much more strict compared to romance with guys (e.g. I might not do sm*t as I have no idea how that would work and I'd rather not search it up to find out)

My rules are in my blog post, PLEASE READ THEM. They explain everything I'm uncomfortable with.

Something about me? Nothing to know other than the stuff that's already there. I'll never say my name, but if you want to call me something, call me Sabrina. I'm usually a polite person, but if you're a jerk then I'm not gonna put up with it. If there's anything else you want to know about my personality, you'll find out as we roleplay.

My roleplay style is third person novel style. I like being descriptive and will usually do a paragraph or more, but when speaking I may not do as much, but just so you know I NEVER do one-liners. My favourite genres are romance, medieval fantasy, and adventure, but I do others such as sci-fi and supernatural, and the occasional slice of life if the plot is interesting. My characters are made up on the spot, though I do have character sheets I use sometimes. And don't be afraid to ask if I can start first; personally, it's kinda stupid to say someone isn't allowed to if they don't want to start. :)

Anyway, if you like what you've seen/read, don't be afraid to message me, and if you don't want to friend me anymore now that you've seen how high maintenance I can be, thanks for taking the time to read this!

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I've decided I'm going to use the picture as a resource of my modern day character in a slice of life setting rather than a profile pic or background pic. :)
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2  Jan 16th 2021 21:07

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Hello nice to meet you
Dec 28th 2020 21:36

Butterfly I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu but I'm sleepy so I'm going to go to bed take your time with the next reply goodnight ! <3 XD
Nov 18th 2020 22:27

Apologies about my short responses! Been very busy.
Nov 5th 2020 22:46