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35 / Female / In Love
Delaware - United States
I play the " soap opera " burglar in a mask, boots, leotard and tights. I am based on a Richard Sala comic book character. I am at my best in a real world type of setting. My favorite RP is when I start as the dashing fetish burglar babe vixen but end up in a crushing but clever capture. I am just here to in action / drama role play. I have had a cat burglar / jewel thief fascination my whole life. From slinking around the neighborhood in a black costume's to chat role plays. Its aways fun for me. I hope to make it fun for you too .

WTF is a " semi-paragraph " anyway ????…...I hope somebody can tell me in a semi-sentence :)

I don't sex chat or l*wd chat, I am all about characters, interaction, creativity and fun !

Please don't just rudely ghost me, if you are not interested in my character a simple " no thanks " will do :)

I am not a model, I am not the woman in the photos but she has the look I RP by. I envy her actually ! :)

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