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Important announcement:
3  Nov 21st 2021 17:49

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MOMOKU asked the question
Q. N-no, I don't know what to do.
His breathing is very shallow
and he won't move unless i try to hold him.
A. Okay, deep breaths, try and keep him upright.
I'm hurrying home, and we can take him to the vet, okay?
 Nov 18th 2021 10:03

MOMOKU asked the question
Q. I don't know.
He's laying down a lot and not eating.
Coco won't leave his side either.
A. Okay.. alright sweetheart, I'm coming home, we can take him to the vet, okay?
Have you tried anything with him?
 Nov 18th 2021 04:50

Latest Comments

So you mean to say, I befriended you
just to torture you?. Pppfff, please
I befriended you because i was already
smitten. Everything after came out all
thanks to you. So you have yourself to
blame for my evil mind >:)
The pillow is down. It's on the bed
with me.
Nov 11th 2021 10:33

urhiuhgsjfhgfghsjfghshg you bring out that part of me. So don't act like you're any more innocent than I am. You know the best part of it is?. I won't even take off the skirt. And your pillow will enjoy me more than you.
Nov 10th 2021 13:17

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH you called me an incubus.
I feel so honored. At least, i'm a loyal incubus who just tortures you at work.
I am not right now but the idea is very tempting.
Nov 10th 2021 12:47

Do that and I will tease you 3x back.
I am relaxing in bed after all so i'll let your mind wander to what i mean.
Nov 10th 2021 12:37

That's not true because I have to witness your suffering through the phone instead of in person. :cc You shouldn't growl or glare though before your students question you. ehehe
Nov 10th 2021 12:03

Aaawww, I know you'll keep your promises.
It's such a shame, though that you're at work both times when I wanted to wear these.
Nov 10th 2021 11:59

you didn't mark my thighs enough, though.
Or not dark enough because they already faded
Is that a promise?
Nov 10th 2021 11:52

Hehehehe this one is much shorter.
You like?.
Nov 10th 2021 10:36

I have another surprise for you
Nov 9th 2021 20:41

:oooo you'd totally leave it on?. Now, that's actually really hot.
I prefer you do leave it on. You do realize it's not the only one I have?.

Tough words for the boyfriend who thinks I can't very well take him while wearing a skirt.
Nov 2nd 2021 11:43