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(Hinata Kobayashi)
18 / Male / Single

Character Information

▸Given Name : 向日葵 | Hinata (Often misread as Himawari) ▸Family Name : 小林 | Kobayashi ▸Name Meaning : 向日葵 "Sunflower" | 小林 "Small Forest" ▸Nickname : N/A ▸Birthdate : 03/11/20xx ▸Species : Human Physical Appearance ▸Age : 18 (Can be played at younger ages) ▸Apparent Age : Early Teens ▸Height : 154cm | 5'1" ▸Weight : 43kg | 94.7 Lbs ▸Body Build : Thin/Lithe ▸Face Shape : Round/Feminine ▸Eye Color : Grey ▸Glasses/Contacts : N/A (Possibly needs them) ▸Complexion : Light ▸Tattoos/Piercings/Scars : N/A | N/A | Has a scar on his left knee from falling down some steps when he was little ▸Hair Color/Type : Black/Medium Length Personality ▸Mood most often : Calm, Reserved ▸Greatest fear : Rejection, Being Humiliated ▸Most at ease when : Alone, listening to music ▸Priorities : His schoolwork/chores, helping his mother ▸Darkest Secret ; Family ▸Mother : Rumiko Kobayashi ▸Father : Hifumi Kobayashi | Hasn't been around since he was a baby ▸Siblings : N/A Favorites ▸Color : Blue ▸Music : Pop ▸Food : Waffles ▸Entertainment : Music, Movies, Books and Manga, particularly Shoujo ones. ▸Drink : Peach Tea ▸Person : His Mother Habits ▸Hobbies : Piano ▸Smoking/Drinking : N/A ▸Drugs : N/A ▸Nervous Ticks : Twirling his hair, struggling to make eye contact, pacing back and forth


Hinata is a very reserved, shy, and timid boy who rarely speaks up unless spoken to first. However, he can also be very friendly once he opens up and very kind-hearted. He is soft-spoken and polite, always addressing people with proper honorifics (if applicable). He is kind, always thinking of others more than for himself, caring for their feelings and well-being. In keeping with his kind nature, Hinata is a very forgiving person, rarely ever holding a grudge against the people who wrong him. He doesn't like being confrontational for any reason. This led to him being meek or timid to others, as his overwhelming kindness can render him unable to respond or act for fear of offending somebody. His father's constant push to alter this personality trait when he was younger only made it worse, eroding Hinata's self-confidence and making him even more bashful because he places so little faith in himself and his opinions. Due to her dropping out of high school when she was younger, Hinata's mother has a bit of an inferiority complex causing her to be really adamant about Hinata keeping his grades up and succeeding where she failed, ironically causing him to develop an inferiority complex himself, resulting in his shy, withdrawn nature. Because of this, Hinata strives to prove himself often leading to him sometimes taking on more responsibilities than he can handle, overworking himself to the point of exhaustion. Having been raised under the teaching of "do as you're told," Hinata often lets other people make important decisions for him often leading to him doing a lot of things he doesn't really want to, but will put up with for the sake of avoiding conflict as well as if it means he isn't being a burden to others. He's never been too adept at saying what's on his mind, yet he's fully aware that this isn't how he wants to live his life. Though he denies it, Hinata yearns for praise and often finds himself doing things solely to gain the approval and praise of others such as learning to play the piano. Hinata has a great fear of emotional pain and of being hated or left behind, likely due to his subconscious perception of being abandoned by his father in his youth and, subsequently, blaming himself for not being good enough to make him stick around.

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