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(Stu Macher)
17 / Male / In Love
Woodsboro, California - United States
My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me

Stuart "Stu" Macher is the secondary antagonist of Scream (1996 film). He is Billy Loomis' accomplice, as well as an insensitive and eccentric best friend. A horror movie fanatic, he went along with Billy's slasher film-like murder spree, the late-September 1996 Woodsboro Murders.

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Latest Status

“Theoretically, if I were to get you a gift, what would you want?”
2  Dec 2nd 2022 17:13

Latest Questions

copycat asked the question
Q. “Why are you so obsessed with me, stalker?”
A. "You're hiding things from me,,, Why are you so secretive

Mr. secrets."
 Nov 12th 2022 17:36

hydra asked the question
Q. "Stuart.
I did something horrible."
A. “Horrible? I want details.”
 Nov 7th 2022 17:22

Latest Comments

"Lemme take a stab at it..?
You wanna kiss?"
Nov 24th 2022 18:35

"We coullld...?
KILL? We could do all of that.."
Nov 24th 2022 10:09

A sly smirk. “We coulllldd?” He probably already knew what he wanted to say, but he wanted to hear it.
Nov 23rd 2022 20:54

"cute. that was a cute way to ask.
but yes we can be a thing."
Nov 23rd 2022 17:04

“You got this.. Am I?
Are we?
Nov 23rd 2022 10:57

“Ask away, Stu.”
Nov 23rd 2022 10:53

Hey hey
Nov 22nd 2022 23:42

Nov 22nd 2022 11:43

A feigned look of shock took his features for a moment. How could Stu think he was more well behaved than himself? "Excuse you. You might be right about it making my life a little more amusing, but you're definitely not more well behaved than ME.. Tatum doesn't count. She's desperate to be everyone's friend for the sake of popularity." A finger poked into the others chest gently. "And for the record.. I do not sound like your mom."
Nov 6th 2022 19:11

"Still just offering my services like that when I'm not around to defend myself, huh?" Billy didn't mind though because, yeah, Stu was right about that. Even if Billy sort of believed he got himself into trouble on purpose sometimes. "You're just.. So good at making friends, Stuart. Anyone ever tell you that? I'm sure he'll uh.. Come around, I guess-.. Whatever your reasons were. Just be good for a while."
Nov 6th 2022 18:48