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"WOOHOO!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!" Puppeteer had a massive grin on his face as he hovered around happily. "Easily the holiday with the most depressed folks!! I f*cking love it!!"
3  Feb 14th 2021 16:11

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Why yes, of course." The dark male said calmly.
 Jan 17th 2021 23:11

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Splendor hummed quietly, teetering from left to right during the bit of time he'd watch the other pick through certain sweets. “Heh! I'll make you some more candies then!”
Feb 28th 2021 14:17

“I have plenty of you to choose from, dove!” Dove? Yes, dove. It was a suitable nickname for the other in his eyes. He quickly sat himself down in the middle of the floor then lifted a blue striped basket up onto his lap. “I have mooncakes, blueberry pies, sugar dumplings, peppermint cakes. All types of things! Choose any and as much as you'd like.”
Feb 28th 2021 13:30

His head would tilt when the other slowly turned himself upside down in front of him. This was odd but strangely satisfying to him. “I'm sorry for being so talkative and excited. I just... enjoy making new friends!” Did this make them friends? It would bring a whole new meaning to his day if they were friends but of course, as his eldest brother had told him before; there was a huge difference between friends and acquaintances so he often had to ask instead of abruptly assuming. “Hmmm.. is there anything I can do for you? Would you like some sweets?”
Feb 28th 2021 13:07

Oh, stars.
The unique spirit hovering before him was truly something else! It intrigued the polka-dotted dressed slender so much that his happy chirps developed into tenderly loud purrs that clung to each word surpassing his supple lips. Crimson orbs would soften then trailed down to the floor he stood upon, “That I am! My name is Splendor. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Puppeteer! I've come across Emra. She's a real doll to be around!” Cue the loveable chatterbox. Once he starts, it'll be hard to stop.
Feb 28th 2021 12:51

"Really? Interesting i've met other demons but i've never met that many but you seem like an okay guy though."
Jan 24th 2021 14:29

"Honestly hell sucks the only thing good about it is blowing stuff up with my gal Cherri Bomb and hanging out with Charlie and Vaggie and maybe Alastor."
Jan 24th 2021 14:24

"I honestly don't think anything can stop him from getting what he wants...which is why i try to hide whenever i can.."
Jan 24th 2021 14:16

"I don't mind what it looks like just as long as Valentino can't find me.."He said and follows.
Jan 24th 2021 14:08

"That would help me out alot if you wouldn't mind...I'm just glad i manged to lose him though i'm sure it wouldn't be to hard to find me though."
Jan 24th 2021 13:55

"...No i'm not okay there is this guy name Valentino and he's my boss and i haven't been to work for days and i know he's tracking me down to try to force me back into the adult flim stuff.."
Jan 24th 2021 13:40