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are asians real
0  Apr 6th 2021 11:29

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HEADSHOT asked the question
Q. Y'mean to tell me tha' y'aren' a web-wizz y'self? For Hale's sake, y'always yammerin' on abou' 'ow good y'are at everythin'!
A. Well, uh, yea- nah- jus'-- shut up. I don't do that gay crap, I ain't some nerd.
 Mar 5th 2021 14:35

HEADSHOT asked the question
Q. Oi asked aroun' whot 'speeding bullet' meant. All Oi got was funny stares. Explain.
A. You're bein' serious, aren't ya? Freakin' dumbass...

Jus'.. go ask some nerd who knows a lotta' crap 'bout the internet what shippin' is. That's all I'm tellin' ya.
 Mar 5th 2021 01:28

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... Whot? Look, Oi don’ know whot kind o’ iffy things you’ve been lookin’ up, but don’t involve me in your shenanigans!
Mar 5th 2021 17:06

Blimey, Oi envy people who ‘aven’t met yeh.

Whot did Miss Paulin’ say abou’ tha’? Bet she wasn’t too happy bustin’ yer sorry-arse out.
Mar 4th 2021 11:04

Mate, whot kind o' trouble did y'get into this t'oime? Oi mean, Christ, y'look wretched in tha' photo.
Mar 4th 2021 01:10

Mar 4th 2021 00:19