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(Ruby Kuzma)
28 / Female / Its Complicated
Florida - United States
MATURE THEMES, must be at least the age of 18 IRL OR I will not RP with you. By adding me and role-playing with me you're agreeing to these terms and therefore I can't be held accountable for mature content being showed to under age users.

Latest Questions

Q. I reported your profile. mwahaha
A. good for you?
 Dec 15th 2015 22:30

Latest Comments

it's been a while so came to check in with you
Apr 4th 2018 10:36

it's been 9 days since we last rped is everything ok
Mar 2nd 2018 04:27

I'll try one last time hopefully it will play nice
Feb 13th 2018 11:01

I don't know what's going on but it's not letting me post
Feb 13th 2018 11:00

What kind of rp would you like to do?
Feb 11th 2017 19:02

Ok! I'm able to play different ones too and I like to play oc and canon also. I'll look at your blog.
Feb 11th 2017 16:06

Yeah sorry I was a bit busy. My mom is sick so I'm trying to help her when I can
Feb 8th 2017 18:48

hey I'm, sorry can we keep going with our roleplay?
Oct 31st 2016 13:11

um im sorry i don mean to be rude if your busy i understand but ive been waiting for you most of the day im really into our roleplay
Oct 24th 2016 16:44

Yes her she will fit in greatly with my storyline me
Oct 21st 2016 10:04