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(Romance Lover)
18 / Female / In Love
Arizona - United States
Hiya! I am Syd (AKA Syd the Sloth), and I'm most likely going to come off as very shy when it comes to coming up with RP ideas and plots. When I get comfortable with you I'll be able to start being a good RP partner in that sense, but I really like writing because it's something I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be the best RP partner, and I want to come up with stories that make us want to continue none stop!
I don't want any one-liners, please; I want to be able to write as much as my RP partner does, so we both have something to work with.

I also like becoming friends with everyone, and I want anyone who wants to talk or RP with me to be themselves! I do have a busy life of a college student and I work at my father's insurance company, but I promise I will always respond, including if I love the RP! I'll never want to stop the RP.
The only times I have a hard time responding are with others who only give one-liners or are usually late to respond. I try to respond back and tell them, but it usually doesn't change anything so sometimes I will not say anything (as much as I hate too :c).

I understand writer's block; I am RPing all of the time, and time-to-time my writing won't be as good as the day before or just an hour earlier. I love details, but I also know sometimes it's a lot to put in more effort to an RP that's been happening a long time or because of your busy life!

I do have a lot of people who message me! So, if I don't respond within 6 hours or it's been days since I have responded to you, please just send me a "?". I could have forgotten to respond or your messages had gotten lost!

If you would rather RP on discord, just go ahead and ask me for mine and I'll be able to give it to you.

Long Term RP Partner~ @SamuelSama

Latest Status

Guys, I’m really really sick, and whoever I’m rping I’m sorry if I don’t respond.
2  May 21st 2019 16:44

Latest Questions

Q. can i has ur discord pls
A. SydTheSloth#7843
 May 19th 2019 18:28

Q. can we rp Syd?I havent been able to rp at all today
A. sure
 May 18th 2019 22:58

Latest Comments

just added u on Discord
May 19th 2019 18:37

Why thank you ^^
May 12th 2019 20:24

Thank you for your comment! But I think you’re the real fantastic writer.
May 12th 2019 20:12

Hello I'm looking forwards to roleplay with you I'm up for anything message me
Apr 7th 2019 15:58

Mar 8th 2019 22:11

Hewo again~

I just wanted to sayyyy that I really enjoy our roleplay and wanted to let you know ;3

anywhoooooooo have a good day, life, night and everything else cause you deserve it.

much love,
Mar 8th 2019 21:31

Oh yeah my bad. For not saying Welcome to the Site!
Jan 20th 2019 17:10