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(Roleplay Queen)
18 / Female / In Love
Arizona - United States
Hiya! Thank you for visiting my page! If you're visiting my page in an attempt to find a new roleplay partner, I would be honored to write with you!

About me, I love to write to get into another world and be creative. I have been roleplaying for a good five years but I am always trying to learn more things to repair my writing. I’m not the best writer but I do keep the role plays interesting.
I am mostly free so I am on here most of the time but I understand that life gets really busy. Do not feel rushed to reply, I would rather enjoy a detailed response rather than get four sentences. I want to continue the role play and therefore wish for you to put more effort into your responses, even if it takes you a day or two.

I will do whatever makes my roleplay partner comfortable, I can write for MxM, FxF, and MxF. I am most comfortable with MxF but I have had plenty of amazing roleplays in MxM and FxF as well.

I am not into SMUT or in ER*T*C scenes. So, if one of our roleplays leads up to an ER*T*C scene please understand why I either skipped it all together or rush it.

What I like: I like about anything and if it's something abnormally different I am perfectly fine trying new things. Please, I would like to involve both our ideas to create a roleplay because if I create everything or you do I will get unmotivated and probably not respond. Keep the roleplay interesting!
If I get the roleplay started it might take me a few days to post and if I am creating a character it might be extremely fast or it might take a week, it all depends how my week has been.

Heads up: Last week has been crazy and I'm on a vacation for nine days with my family starting today, but I will be trying my best to stay stable and reply to everyone.)

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I’m so tired (I didn’t sleep well last night and I woke up early af) that I can’t think of anything but sleep. I’m heading to the gym, it’s leg day, and if I don’t pass out after (which I hope I don’t) I’ll get to replies. Please, help me out and send me a message if I need to respond to you, my mind is scrambled.
3  4 hours ago

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Q. My heart is racing for our roleplay. I am so nervous /).(
A. It'll be okay *pat pat* lol
 Aug 12th 2019 15:58

A. Thank you!
 Jul 21st 2019 15:18

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Just a little remainder ❤
Jun 27th 2019 20:35

I wonder why you still stuck with our Rp xD
Jun 26th 2019 07:15

Woah, you changed your profile pic again!
Jun 24th 2019 09:18

Thanks for accepting my add request. Please feel free to send me a message any time you are interested in an rp. I am always open to discussing a story and look forward to what we create together.
Jun 19th 2019 19:02

Woah! You changed your profile picture!
Jun 19th 2019 08:53

Does this look like a princess?
Jun 3rd 2019 18:44

just added u on Discord
May 19th 2019 18:37

Why thank you ^^
May 12th 2019 20:24

Thank you for your comment! But I think you’re the real fantastic writer.
May 12th 2019 20:12

Hello I'm looking forwards to roleplay with you I'm up for anything message me
Apr 7th 2019 15:58