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23 / Female / Single
Bio update #4 because somehow it always gets cringy after a few months.

I'm pretty chill but there are some things I cannot stand when it comes to roleplaying and if you're deliberately making me tell you over and over again, then I'm sorry, it's not gonna work between us.
I'll tell my rules in the first few messages. Being c*cky, coming to me with all these bullsh*t, obviously made-up stories are also a big no.
Now, I am going to tell you if I don't like something, remind you in case you've forgotten but if you actively choose to continue doing the thing I specifically asked you not to? Sorry babe, no can do.

That's about it, I might have come off as a bit aggressive but I'm not, don't bullsh*t a bullsh*tter sweetheart ;) Have a nice day and lets see you if you decide to add me

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How should we start?
Sep 23rd 2017 13:00

would you like to rp ?
Sep 23rd 2017 12:59