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Rules for roleplays.

1. If I see your on and you don't respond for a few days I will assume the roleplay is over.
2. I will not always respond right away since I’m handling life stuff as well so please understand that.
3. I try to write in paragraphs and so on and I expect you to try to do the same but if you’re unable to that’s understandable.
4. Theme wise I have no limits since I’m open to everything but please run it by me first.
5. If you send the request you message first and I’ll do the same for you.
6. If you want to feel free to send a starter right off the bat and I’ll respond accordingly.
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Helina Riuva

Helina Olja Riuva
96 lbs
A friendly and warm woman who’s always accepting of everybody.
A harmless young woman looking to live her life well and without worry. She comes from a farming family so she’s no stranger to physical labor. She also has many younger siblings who she prioritizes more than her life. Coming to the capital to run her restaurant she’s made a few enemies who she’s blind to thanks to her caring nature which has resulted in some terrifying memories for her.
Physical Description
A small framed woman with pointy ears, a doll like face with some scars running across it. She has silver like hair that seems pure white under strong sources of light. Her blue eyes resembles a clear lake on a sunny summer day. She often wears light colored work clothes with countless tears in it.
Hospitality, comfort, cats, food, respect, honesty.
Running her restaurant and helping people who come in.
Corruption, spies, birds, bad food.
People selling dangerous food products.
Her cooking skills, charisma, empathy, craft skills.
Her trusting nature, weak physical strength, poor health.
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