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(Helina Riuva)
15 / Female / Its Complicated
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming - United States
Man I can’t write bios for sh*t.

I get bored a lot and I have a bunch of roleplay ideas, just hit me up if you wanna start some roleplays. Not really picky.

Background on me.
Turning 15 this Sunday.
I’m on here almost everyday, usually during school to do if you don’t get a respond right away it’s cause teachers.
I’m also here a lot during late night hours so don’t feel scared just msg me.
I usually play characters that the other person doesn’t want since I’m pretty adaptive.
I DO NOT play male characters, I don’t know how to work them so I stick to females.

Things I’m interested in for roleplays.
People who respond quicker than a day.
At least a semi to complete pharagraph.

Additional information.
You can start a starter rather than explain roleplays to me, I will try to fit as much I can. Up to you.
If you see me lurking around your profile don’t mind me, just rereading your bio cause I’m f***ing dumb with the memory of a penny.

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Busy with school so slow response today.
1  Nov 15th 2022 12:33

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I'm writing this to whoever sees, I am 14 if you do not roleplay with minors do not friend me.
Jun 28th 2022 23:42