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(Kathleen Dubois)
21 / Female / In a Relationship
Hey, just wanted to hop on tell you a few things about who I am and how I run my profile here.

1: I am not into any ERPs of any kind so don't even bother asking; the answer is no. They have no appeal to me what so ever

2: If you come to me wanting to role-play, please come with some sort of starting idea that we can build off of. IDC what is or how generic it may start out as. The reason I say this is because, unlike most people on this site, I don't spend my free time thinking of role-play plots or starters.

3: My life does not revolve around this site or role-playing. I have a life that involves a full-time job, a boyfriend who I am currently having a baby with, and we live with two roommates who don't seem to do anything around the house so I'm usually busy even on my days off. So if I don't accept/respond right away, be patient. I am most likely busy cleaning up after other people

4: I am not new to this site nor role-playing. In fact, I have actually been role-playing for over ten years now so I know what I like to rp and I ask that you don't get offended if I say no to an idea.

Thanks for coming to my little TED talk. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Nov 2nd 2020 20:35