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Texas - United States

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0  Feb 10th 2020 22:02

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A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Oct 20th 2019 22:08

"anyways! I'm always up for a SF to heh,yes I know Sally face."
Jul 17th 2019 14:08

"I'm starting to get around to others again heh...I'll have to meet him!"
Jul 17th 2019 14:06

"sorry! It's...uhm...been a long night.. " she laughs nervously.
Jul 17th 2019 14:01

"heh...I'm sure I'm not her..."
Jul 17th 2019 13:58

Oh god it's happening again...
Jul 17th 2019 13:48

Heya hope to chat or rp sometime!

Jul 17th 2019 13:32