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(Francis Barton)
51 / Male / Its Complicated
Waverly, Iowa - United States
Real name: Clinton Francis Barton (most people call him Francis, cause of the many Clints from different universes)

Nicknames: Daddy;), CB-One, Ninja.

Aliases: Ronin.

Species: Human

Citizenship: American

Sexuality: Bisexual

Date of birth: June 18th 1971

Face and voiceclaim: Jeremy Renner

Occupation: Lounge singer and recording artist (retired as Ronin - works in a lounge in Hell's Kitchen, knows Matt Murdock and the Defenders from Earth-1600 AKA the MCU)

Weapons and equipment: Retractable sword, ninja throwing stars, hearing aids.

Personality: Sarcastic, lazy, addicted to coffee and pizza, moody, caring and honest.

What is different with this Clint than Earth-1600 (MCU Clint)? He became Ronin instead of Hawkeye. He still joined the Avengers as Ronin, but instead of Loki coming out of the portal, it was Captain Carter.

Civil War never happened so he was able to be in Infinity War and fight Thanos. But he was snapped away by Thanos, The events of Endgame was different because of the consequences of IW. The Hawkeye series remain the same but he does not have a family, Yelena wouldn't try to kill Clint and Natasha's sacrifice wouldn't have happened (It was Drax and Mantis who went to Vormir with the Guardians).

He is also a master manipulator in his universe (just like Black Widow is in the MCU), with his singing and seduction skills.

He is also a mix between the Matt Fraction comics, the MCU and Earth-2004.

His exes include: Bucky Barnes, Matt Murdock, Wanda Maximoff, Bobbi Morse, Natasha Romanoff, Darlene Wright AKA Cherry... the list goes on.

Currently in a relationship with: @theAnt (in a polyamorous relationship - available to date other people)

Alt accounts: @jeremyrenner (celeb/real life)

Latest Status

"You don’t have to say definitely like that"

Kate Bishop

Semi to para writer

Who would give me a Shout-Out
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Latest Questions

Q. // Can you DM a little more about your character? I want to find out how canon he is.
A. //Yeah of course!
 Jul 1st 2022 19:56

Q. "Quick question. Do you have Lucky the Pizza Dog in your universe?" She asked him.
A. "I do! But instead of Kate finding him, I saw him whilst I was on my Ronin missions."
 Jul 1st 2022 11:19

Latest Comments

“Of course, the multiverse, I know about it. In any case. I’m honored to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you.”
Jul 28th 2022 19:43

“It’s been ages since I seen my father. But I’ve returned from my conquests to be with him. You seem to know him.” He smiles.
Jul 28th 2022 19:32

“Hello. I am Magni Thorson. Pleasure to meet you.”
Jul 28th 2022 19:15

"You are no fun." He flicks his nose and steps back. "Here i am a kid wanting to live my dream and try out one of those arrows." he smirks a little. "I'll see if my sister can help me instead."
Jun 26th 2022 19:30

"Ah come on , not you two." He crosses his arms. "Why not , i am careful enough."
Jun 26th 2022 12:59

"Yes, yes.. But that makes it even more fun." He looks at him. "Does this mean i can borrow some arrows? "
Jun 26th 2022 11:51

He runs up behind the guy and raises an eyebrow. "Clint.. like the Clinton?"
Jun 25th 2022 20:11