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The captain of the guard

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The red prince

Proud? Check. Loved by his people? Check. Hated by his king/father? Check.
Ferono, Half brother of the bastard Derel is the next in line of a more recent line of rulers, his current family only being rulers for three generations with him being of the third generation. His family name was originally that of rebels, many people still remembering how they overthrew the old king. This gave their family a large boost in support when they came to power, though with that boost came high standards, his father and grandfather before him living up tot hose expectations, his only concern now is being able to meet those standards.
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The Dimension hopper

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The loyal guard

Looks like the rest of the guards? Check. Always Diligent? Check. Has that extra bit to make him stand out? Check.
Lanis, like many of the regular soldiers of the capital grew up as a peasant. Enticed by the prospect of being able to live relatively well along with being given a good salary for serving the kingdom. He was one of the luckier ones though, instead of being sent out to the kingdom's territories he was given a job inside the city walls, specifically within the large palace, patrol duty along with interchanging guard duty at some places, being one of the more open guards he always one to try to spark up a conversation with the knights, the generals, just about anyone.
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The bastard

Forgiving? Check. Hard headed? Check. Scrutinized by just about everyone? Check.
Derel is the child that resulted from the current king and a whore, within a kingdom the king had laid siege to. Though the pregnancy was not a forceful one, in fact the king and the whore seemed to mutually love each other, going strong for two years until the kings siege was over. Derel's father leaving his mother and returning to his kingdom. He grew up a peasant with his mother though it was evident he was no ordinary peasant, inheriting his father's head of red hair along with a piece of his father's household power. Around his village he was well known to be a bastard though he was accepted by many, with only a few being openly hostile to him. This would change upon his entering the capital and becoming a squire, he had traveled there and enrolled in the army in order to become closer to the king, having heard his mother many times praying to the gods that his father would return for her. Now he plans to push through the scrutiny of being a bastard and make it to his father to force him back and make amends.
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