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I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and has a great start to the Christmas season. :)
Mood: excited
3  Nov 26th 2021 22:38

Latest Questions

Q. How are you enjoying the rp?
A. It's AMAZING!!! :D
 Sep 8th 2021 19:59

Q. It's your choice. When do you want to continue?
A. I was waiting for you since it's your turn. I'm ready whenever. :)
 Apr 18th 2021 01:56

Latest Comments

You said it perfectly! That is *exactly* what went down in that moment.
Aug 1st 2021 18:49

That was the point LOL
Mar 29th 2021 02:30

Mar 29th 2021 02:27

I'm here now <3
Mar 28th 2021 23:56

I will drown you in COOKIES
Mar 28th 2021 00:08

Mar 26th 2021 16:29

I know me too<3 This is one of the many reasons I'm a dog person
Mar 26th 2021 16:23

God danm I hate people poor doggo<3
Mar 26th 2021 16:14

Seems like an interesting idea! And I’m flattered. The band me and my mates ended up making also has the same name btw. Just a fact. Where will this be written?
Nov 17th 2020 19:56

Thank you Rilly-Nee
Nov 13th 2020 00:13